Anal Rape

Last year, as part of the economic fallout, I had to take a twenty percent cut in pay. Twenty percent is no small amount. I live with my GF who just received her degree from the university. She had to begin paying back her student loan. Add to that the fact that I no longer receive incentive or Christmas bonuses and we got ourselves a deficit of thousands of dollars from what we were making a couple years back.

For the first time in about 20 years I am actually hurting. My means are streched tighter than the ass of a first-nighter in the penitentiary. When my GF and I shop, items like butter, which we once bought without a second thought, are now considered a luxury. Come to think of it, a first-nighter in the pen might wish for some butter...

The whiney shit above is not meant to garner any symphathy. It is simply to set the stage for my rage about what I saw in the grocery store tonight. I had been cooking a shitty cut of beef for hours to make it tender enough to use for picadillo burritos and as I stood in line with my flour tortillas and bland store brand cheese, I noticed the toothless white trash bitch ahead of me.

She had 2 boxes of Capt. Crunch, Oreos Double Stuff and all sorts of good ol' American junk food. I didn't buy avacados to make guacamole because they were too expensive yet I saw before me her mountain of overpriced, name brand, fun-packaged goodies. She had four-dollar boxes of cereal and I couldn't justify buying an 8oz sour cream for my burritos.

All this didn't bother me. If people have more money than I, more power to them. This is America. What made my blood boil, however, was when I saw her paying with her food stamp debit card!!! Holy FUCK. I needn't say more. To anyone out there who uses food stamps and really needs them, I have no beef with you. If you've lost a job in this recession and use the help to buy milk, eggs, rice, meat... God Bless. If you use your welfare to buy gummy bears, Twinkies, and Coco Puffs however, FUCK YOU UP THE ASS and without lube because I need it to fry my tortillas.

Uploaded 01/19/2010
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