Anatomy of a Game Show Host

Game shows allow some people to make large sums of money for themselves and others to feel worthless and embarrassed in front of millions of people every night. I can also say that lately the shows that have been emerging are original and more intense. But one night while tuning into a few of these shows I noticed one common bond, the host. Here are the ingredients to make the common TV game show host.

Past standup careers

Be it Louie Anderson or Howie Mandel standup has given hosts the stage presence needed to entertain millions every night. It has also enabled them to laugh at themselves as they wonder where there real careers went. How would you feel if your stand up career slowly waned away to the point where you haggle with a silhouette over the phone day in and day out? Maybe to the point where you develop a

Drinking Problem

Like I said, when your career goes into the shitter you can usually rely on Mr. Jim Beam to help you out, or to give people watching added excitement. Why do you think Anne Robinson was such a condescending bitch? Booze!


Need I say more?

Horny Creepers

Richard Dawson is probably the prime example of this common host trait. He was always willing to kiss the contestants all the contestants. Whether the persons Fat, a midget, or a man, Dawson and many other hosts have probably kissed it.


All game show hosts have come to one simple conclusion before signing their contract. That is they realize that after this gig they will never work infront of a camera again. Who in there right mind is going to hired a standup drunk commie who molests people? My point exactly.

Uploaded 12/29/2008
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