Ancient culture

Put on the shoe, I tried took two steps. Mom, I became a legend of the length feet! But for the treatment, ugly is uncomfortable!!!!! Work not by accident, I two production in all of your shoes picked out a pair of, no, is a high heel son with treatment, shoes, wear in about the same on his right foot, but highly or bit shoemaking short a two centimeters, and their shoes are white, the treatment of shoes are black, but also with so much.

Wearing a white one black two Wholesale Jewelry shoes and a feet tall foot low, I went to tianjin. More comic effect is the scene of tianjin ancient culture street:

That's a pedestrian street, I hobble to take the opening, under the archway around many tourists in the bullpen. The crowds included an old man has been quietly looked at me and kind to look at me, especially my two maverick feet and then he is sympathetic to say: "WangXiaoQian, people grow beautiful and intelligent, have never thought was a disabled! Oh, what a shame!" Say that finish, his old man's house turned and left. His words at that time, I didn't hear, or certain meeting to explain clearly why, later wrote and directed to me, replicated over his belly laugh a few of us for a long time.

Say these, you 10 million reader friend don't think that I was in pain, is in the forecast said revolution complaints, is actually I think it's interesting, because such things always impresses me, laughing.

I'm not that kind of kiss and tell people. Sometimes Wholesale Fashion Jewelry shown on TV interview some Spring Festival evening party, some of the actors show stage actor will say, good year 30 go home with their parents, with lover, with their children, feel very sorry that very helpless!!!!! As for the audience, for a great cause of sacrifices. Every time I hear these words, I will be in the heart say with smile: "want not you to return home for the New Year, may I help you? You can 10 million on Spring Festival gala on don't!" CheYuan, CheYuan, on the other hand, my job, do let me work, also make me happy!  
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