...and now for something totally different.

I have these two dogs that are chihuahua/pug mixed. Both are male and from the same litter. One looks like a chihuahua and the other like a pug but half the size. I live in a condo complex and walk them down to the dumpster when I take the garbage down. I also dont use leashes because of there size. We are going down today and they got a little ahead of me and then took off after something that was out of my line of sight. I took off after them running(that is something to see) and when I turned the corner I see this HUGE black dog and I found out later was Great Dane/sheepdog mix. These two dogs of mine have total different personalities, one is friendly and the chihuahua is well, one of those nervous yapping dogs. He went running the other way and my pug went right after this horse.


I was frozen in fear as the Great Dane had my pug in his mouth and my pug was squealing. What happened next I am still in disbelief but this damn horse walks over to me and lays my pug at my feet and wags his tale. My pug after getting put down goes right back at him trying to play and he does it again puts the pug at my feet and wags his tale.


I feel sometimes the oh great being (see I think its God but some dont like it when I say that) is looking after me and I must be living right. Guess what I did today? You guessed it I went and bought a couple of leashes and then went and took the Great Dane a huge bone.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 09/18/2008
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