and you think your job sucks

  as some of you know i've been a golfcourse grounds crew memeber for about 4 years now.    as the only white guy on the crew i have no one to talk to, it's not that i don't like any of these guys, but there is a language barrier.   anyway i started my work season on april first and have not had a single day off since then. i work 7 days a week, thats right 7 days a week with never a break.  on top of that my boss is truely insane about the amount of work he expects from us.  put it this way i'm lucky to work a 60 hour week.  we just started our planting flowers project, and i'm truely dreading it.  at this golf course we have over 100 flower beds and plant over 30,000 flowers every summer.  and guess who's the only guy thats there everyday planting flowers for 12-15 hours strait.   i start work at 4:30 in the morning, which means i have to wake up at the latest is 3:50.  it  takes me about 45  mins to get to work.  i eat lunch at 11:00 an typically get off around 5:30-6:00.  then i go home smoke some weed, drink a beer, eat some dinner and fall asleep around 8:00.  just to wake up and do it all over again.  if you ask me what day it is 90% of the time i would have no idea.   i think i'm slowly losing my mind.   don't get me wrong i love the money i make and i love only having to work 6 months out of the year, but after 4 years it's truely taking it's toll on my body and mind.  this is just a tatse of the day to day struggles i deal with.  there is nothing better than working outside, and only having to work 6 months out of the yaer, but i easily work a years worth of work in that 6 months.  so for all you people who think working their five day a week job sucks, just remember that there are thousands of poor saps like me working 7 days a week.   i think the longest i've ever gone without taking a single day off was about 115 days last summer.  the most hours put in just a 7 day week was 95 hours.   if the money wasn't there then i'd be long gone. well i'd better hit the hay, becuase i've got about 100 more days ahead of me without a day off.  even then it will only be one day off with another 100 days following that.  this is my fifth year and every year in the past was bareable, but i'm struggling to keep sane this year.   can anyone tell me if this is even legal?  can they fire me if i refuse to work seven days a week?  i just don't kow how long i can hold out.  i'm getting down to an unhealthy weight.  i'm about 5'9 125lbs.  i can feel my energy levels dwindleing down to almost pure exhaustion.  plus i've recently found out i'm hypglycemic, which means i have low blood sugar.  what do you think i should do? either man up and push myself to the limits or tell my boss how i actually feel?  i don't want quit, but i don't to fucking kill myself by over working.  maybe i'm just being a little pussy. anyway ebaums is my only outlet from the reality, how sad is that.  to my only friends peace and love.

Uploaded 05/23/2009
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