the detached feathers fall earth bound, unhampered or molested by the breeze or the expansion of the warm musty air. the repelled dust opaques around the spotless, heavenly-white feathers.

the feathers delicately fall one by one, gently coming to rest on a blood drenched floor.

a naked, dark red foot, followed by the leg, steps onto the blood and feathers; the blood bubbling from the contact; the feathers turn black and begin to smoulder; a whisper of smoke rises.

the legs belong to a large figure; ten foot high. his naked and muscular body is as red as his legs. on his back, large wings two meters wide, half closed, recoil after recently being in flight.

in his outstretched arm is an angel, beautiful and divine. only the blood trickling down her pretty face and the wings ripped from her back takes your attention from her perfectly formed, pristine, naked body.

the unconscious body of the angel is released to land on the blood stained floor. as the red devil sprays Axe across his chest, a slogan scrolls across the screen "even angels will fall".

the screen fades to black. in a stunned silence, the trial audience for the new Axe advert sit staring at the vacant screen in shock; eyes wide and mouths agape.

and that ended my career in advertising...

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