Angie, we all are sick of you. The world is sick of you. Yet for some weird reason I still feel bad for you, everyone hates you, your a Thing that can't decide between genders..You know I would say I am sorry for the things I have said, but I am not. I mean seriously come clean and if you refuse to do that, at least try and keep your story straight.


Maybe it is just me, and I shouldn't speak for everyone. But if you haven't noticed there is a good portion of us that really really and I mean really dislike you. Angie I don't care if you refuse to leave or refuse to get bored on the site. You can say it is entertainment to read our comments on your blogs, but you know that it fucking kills you to see that even the internet hates you this f_cking much. It make's me wonder how pathetic you really are, and if you are corner hopping how many guys would waste the gas to drive a little farther to find someone who isn't a chewbacha.


Angie, you can comment and write hate letters and blogs about me, carve the words I hate haley19 in your wrist for all I care. Just do one thing for Ebaums and the world. Jump off a fucking bridge.


I am haley19, and I am sick of The thing.


Uploaded 01/07/2009
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