Angry about girls who play games with guys

 Men, I have to admit, this is one of the things that certain types of women (immature girls) do that burns me up. Out of all the underhanded tactical war games used in the ongoing battle of the sexes, this is the lowest of the low.

Why does this anger me so?

Well, for many reasons, chief among them being that it is extremely dangerous. This is not to say that a tease deserves to be raped, a man with any sense should run far and fast from a girl like that, not try to score. No, I am saying that a young lady who uses her sexuality to "drive men wild" in order to obtain things, is bound to run into a jerk who is not going to take no for an answer.

Another reason why this gets me hot under the collar is that it undervalues women who may truly wish to abstain from sex for a number of reasons.

Men, who tend to make women pay for the sins of their past lovers just as much, if not moreso, than women do (just ask any bitter male turned asshole because he didn't get to date his cheerleader of choice in high school), won't care if the next girl is a Mormon and trying to save herself for marriage, or the girl who got pregnant at sixteen and who learned to take is slow is just trying to be careful. He will see the woman's desire to wait as game playing due to his prior experiences and will make her "pay" for the vixen who used him before.

I have seen it happen, hell Eddie Murphy did an entire monologue on it, where he actually said that a woman's desire to wait is what makes a man treat her bad. In his stand up routine, RAW, he claimed that it makes a man not like her anymore, so when she finally does give it up, he uses the moment for revenge. Many men amen'ed to that, which pissed me off.

Nice. Very nice,

And he wonders how he got labeled a misogynist.

Just because some idiot girl decides to play games with sex doesn't mean that every girl who wants to wait a while is doing that—-besides, as one jerk off put it to me, "Since it is the girl who can get pregnant, I think it is her sole responsibility alone if she gets knocked up."

Even though dude was trying to explain why he would bail out if he got a girl pregnant—he did have a point.

It is the girl who gets pregnant, so shouldn't she be the gatekeeper to her own body? I mean, when you look at all the kids sitting around without fathers, it is a more than reasonable concern.

If men can't respect that, then they don't need to date.

That said, the whole philosophy of the "Power of the P" is disturbing.

I heard this phrase from an ex-gal pal of mine who I stopped hanging around because of all the trouble making games she liked to play. One of them was the get-a-man-all-excited-and-ditch-him game. I told her to stop doing that crap and she exclaimed, "But it's all about the power of the P baby!"


Yes, girls like this make it very hard for sincere girls who desire to be virgins until marriage or to sincerely take their time getting to know a guy before they commit their bodies to get treated decently by good men.

All I can say brothers, is don't let skanks like that rob you of giving due respect to a woman who may sincerely be waiting for her own solid reasons. I mean, if the girl has religious reasons, or is trying to get to a place of trust so she won't make you pay for having a horrible ex, shouldn't you give her that time?

Leave the girls who play childish games alone and try to understand the unique needs and concerns a woman has if she says she wants to wait.

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