Annoying Nagger

There's this group of people I detest. They are not only annoying, they are the scum of the earth. Why do I hate them? Because they constantly rant about something and keep complaining to you.

Tomlet is a fine example. Most of what he does here is attacking other users, expressing his displeasure with his wife or criticizing movies.  You probably know many people like that guy. Drunk nagging about the government stealing from them. Assholes complaining about other people being richer than them. Douchebags going on about politicians being overpayed and lazy.

This tomlet guy keeps following me ever since I made him look stupid. He's one of the users here who call themselves "bloggers". What does he blog and comment about? Here's his activity:

- criticizing cutedude's grammar

- writing a review of a movie a user he's obsessed with (MrsNekoJeans) recommended.

- replying to my almost every comment with a maniacal compulsion and unjustified malice

- calling his wife a cheating whore

- writing about how he hates his wife

- complaining about his wife

- political jabber

The list continues.

This is a website designed to give people enterntainment, guy. What do you think you're going to achieve here attacking everybody with your quetching? You have no idea how annoying you and people like you are. Why so pessimistic? Don't feel down. Put some music on. Go to the park. Don't forget to feed the pigeons. Trust me, you'll feel better.

|||||||||||||| WARNING this might be a cheap attempt of manipulating people into feeding pidgeons bread. This message brought to you by NAPSA (National Anti Pigeon Scam Agency) ||||||||||||||||||||
Uploaded 08/05/2011
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