Another day of adventure

Last Sunday I went out shooting with one of my friends. The three most popular spots were taken so I decided to pull over and shoot a little bit further down the road. I had just put a Red Dot sight on my Ruger 10/22 and was sighting in when we noticed a Marshall behind the pickup truck taking pictures of the liscense plate and such.

I calmly unloaded my gun picked up my shells even though they were .22 cal and I nor anyone else re-loads .22 cal ammo. But I figured I wouldn't look like a total prick, anyway he told me that I wasn't suspossed to shoot their and the designated ranges were down the road and I replied with the excuse that their were people shooting here earlier and it is not posted as a no shooting area and it being B.L.M. land and all it looked legal.

He let us off from the shooting violation but he wanted my liscense, registration, & proof of insurance. I knew that I didn't have any proof of insurance so I calmly looked through my briefcase and acted like it must have been misplaced. He ended up giving me a $525.00 ticket for no proof of insurance (god bless California) and I have to go to the District court.

I have a question though. He did not have me sighn the ticket. Does that mean that I can argue that I thought it was a warning or is it valid at all? One way or another I'm not going to pay $525.00 for a fucked up ticket when Obama just let Terrorist go free who actually killed people. But seriously if anyone knows anything about the unsighned ticket issue please fill me in. Maybe I should of just "took care of him" and rolled of the hill side. Probably a bad idea. But nice to think about.

Uploaded 01/28/2009
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