Another Dog Story

After reading a few blogs about dogs, ive been inspired to write about my nightmare with the neighbors dogs. The building I live in has 8 apartments and the backyard is a rented parking space. Theres another apartment building just like mine across that parking, wich is facing to the next street. We all have the same landlord. So there are 5 people with dogs all living less than 50 feet from me.


I love dogs. I had one as a kid, I worked in a petshop and also as a groomer (did google even translate toiletteur right?) for a short period of time. However, im not fond of finding dog shit on my front steps. I also profondly dislike being woken up at 5am by a dog that wont stop barking for 10 fucking minutes. I really hate it when I hear a dog crying or screaming like a wolf under the moonlight.


Out of the 5 people who own dogs in my building, 4 were unable to raise and train them properly. I hear barking, crying and yelling litterally every hour of the day. These assholes think its OK to leave their pet outside to forget about for a few hours. More than once, ive caught one of them running around the parking lot. Ive never been thanked for saving a puppy from being ran over by one of the many cars that go through here. No. Since I once yelled out the window to shut the fuck up when one of these dogs had been barking for 15 minutes at 5 am. Wanting silence in the night or early morning is clearly asking WAY too much and seen as inconsiderate by others around here.


One of these pups comes to my patio door all the time. The reason is because the lady that owns him used to live in my apartment. Her husband unfortunately passed away so she moved in with her daughter, 3 apartments down. The pup comes here because  he misses granpa, I get it. But the damn thing terrorised my cats a few times so what i did is spray him with a water bottle so he would go away. I always done this with my cats to teach them to stay off tables and countertops instead of slapping their asses, hence the NON-VIOLENT way to train your furry friends. Well my neighbor accused me of sprayin windex at her dog. She then told me to watch it otherwise she would tear me a new asshole! What a fuckin bitch she is...


My landlord wont do shit about anything, even if all the leases hes made state that no dogs are allowed in these buildings. So I had to call city services and have statements mailed to all of my dog owning neighbors, advising them to be careful with the excessive barking. Obvisouly, they all hate me now and see me as some sort of intolerant cunt who hates pets. Ive tried to figure out what I couldve done differently and I cant. At first, when I asked them nicely to be careful with the noise early in the morning, the response I received was: Well its not like I can control this thing like I want! - disgrunteled faces.

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