Another Drunk Story

Here's another drunk story, inspired by dsgrue3's drunk story.  By the way, dsgrue3, this happened in Lexinton, so you might know some of these places.

I was a student at UK in 2003.  Me and some buds started out the night at Lynagh's.  I go up to the bartender and say, "give me a glass of Jager".  The bartender says, "you mean a shot?".  I said, "No, I want a fucking glass.... of Jager."  The bartender laughed and shook his head, then slams down a pint glass and fills it to the rim with Jager.  My friends are saying WTF, and people are staring.  I say, "how much?", bartender throws his hands up and says, "Fuck, I don't know, $10 bucks."  So anyways, I down the pint glass of Jager in under a minute.  Eveyone's like "oh shit".  At this point I don't remember anything else about the night, but aparently it's a miracle I didn't end up in jail.  The rest of this was told to me by friends.  I continued to do several more actual shots of Jager.  Immediately after that, my friends and I left to go across the street to the Fish Tank.  In the parking lot I get the idea to go to McCarthy's. 

I go out into the middle of Euclid and stand in the road, forcing a cab to stop.  The cab driver has to slam on his brakes to not hit me, gets out and yells at me for being a fucking idiot.  Aparently he still needs money though, because he takes us to McCarthy's.  On the way there, I see my friend Andy walking down Rose street and I attempt to get out of the moving cab.  My friends punch me in the back in order to make me abandon my ideas for escape.  We get to McCarthy's and I'm running around like an idiot tralking to everyone.  Then I set my sights on a tranny in the corner.... I vaguely remember this.  I go up to the tranny and basically start flirting hard core.  For some reason in my mind, I think it's like a big joke to flirt with a transvestite, that the tranny knows I'm just fucking around.  But some primordial part of my brain actually wants to fuck the tranny.  Weird.  We convince the tranny and her weird fucked up lesbian friend with 1,000 peircings to go to a strip club.  I spent about $600 bucks somehow.  I remember the tranny on one side of me making out making out with a stripper on the other side of me, with me sandwiched in the middle.  The next morning, I woke up at home alone in my apartment, no idea how I got there, on the floor in the fetal position with a flash light in my hand.  Door is locked from the inside.  Couple of lamps are broken, sheets missing off my bed.  There was no tranny.  Aparently after talking to my friends I pissed the tranny off at the strip club and she and her freaky friend left.  I puked that day, a lot.

Jager is the devil's piss.

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