Another drunk story..

this is a continuation(sp?) of the other night when people were blogging about funny drunk stories and i just thought of one..this i pretty much remmeber but its still funny

so i was at this party and we were all skinny dipping in the hot tub, just havinga good time. i had just gotten my belly button pierced like 3 weeks or so before that so at one point, after we all got out and got dressed, i went to the mirror to look at it for w/e reason and it was gone! the ring fell out at one point i guess the water losened it or something.

so i start to get really worried and im running around everywhere looking for it. i go back outside to the hottube and people are back in and i make everyone get out so i can see if its was in there and it wasnt and everyones like omg..whats this chicks deal..then i proceed to say "guys im gunna cry...guys, im gunna cry...guyyssss" and start bawling my eyes out (i am normally not an emotional drunk but i waited foreverrrr to be able to get it done and i was so happy when i dd)

so i run downstairs crying my eyes out and run up to this guy i had been hooking up with that night and am asking him if he seen it and he looks at me like im crazy..then one of my best friends was laughing at me the whole time but eventually gave me her ring to put in so the hole wouldnt close..

we go in the bathroom and i just shove it in (without washing it which still kinda grosses me out lol) and it starts bleeding so of course i continue to freak out and cry..

it ended up being ok though i just wasnt careful enough when i put it back in and kinda repeirced it, its fine now

so yea..just thought it was a funny story

Uploaded 09/10/2008
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