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As always, this blog is brought to you by Killians Irish Red.  That's right folks, Killian's Irish Red.  All grammatical and spelling errors can be directed towards the complaint department (Ellimem).

I've noticed a few things.  First of all, people around here are way too concerned about what other people think.  Honestly, who gives two shits what someone more than likely half a country away thinks about you?  We need to come to some sort of agreement.  To sit here and catcall at each other like 4th graders on the playground . . . well, it serves no purpose.  Your supposed "burns" are reminiscent of what I used to hear when I was still a wee lad in elementary school.  Calling another man's sexual preference into question and speculating as to what he cranks one out to anymore is old news.  The apologetic blogs afterwards about how you've had a shitty week are all fine and good, but seriously.  Everyone needs to vent, and I understand this.  And for me to say you're littering the blog section of this site is redonkulous, because some of the stuff that passes for blogs around here are less than acceptable.  When a person flat-out states they're posting a blog simply for the e-rep points, I sigh to myself and move along.  There are people here that actually write something worth reading (this blog not included), and to post a blog of 250 z's in a row just ofr the sake of 50 erep points so you can get a sticker package doesn't help.  Go post pictures of your self, or your sister if you're a dude.  You'll get all the erep points you want.

Why do people listen to shitty music?  I take that back.  I don't consider most of what's out ther now music.  Actual music consists of a decent tune, some lyrics that may or may not have some sort of message but go along with whatever is being played, and at the end you have that sense of satisfaction akin to what you feel when you see the last episode of a 3-part series on television.  Closure is achieved, and you move along to the next song that some jerk-off "Chad" selected on the jukebox and wasted his 2nd song credit so that it plays next.  Don't get me worng, if you're a Nickelback or whatever fan that's awesome.  I'm not one to trash musical diversity because I'm a firm believer there's something out there for everyone.  But when you come to a bar that I frequent because they don't normally play music I don't listen to and put it on the jukebox when you could just as easily go down the street and listen to all the college rock you like, it sucks because I already paid 50 cents to listen to Walk by Pantera but no, you were willing to pay the whole dollar to hear your song now because you're leaving soon to drive (drunk, might I add) to another nearby bar.  You suck, Chad.

Which brings me to my next point.  What is a "Chad?"  A Chad is easily defined.  A "Chad" is defined as that asshole douchewank that wears too many shirts, pops all his collars, has a haircut that looks like someone took a wet fish and slapped him upside the head with it (hence the term "fish slap"), and walks around pointing at all his friends with that "Hey brah, we're living the dream!" expression.  You'd like to kick Chad's ass, but unfortunately Chad doesn't travel alone.  They always come in 4's.  There's Chad, the leader.  Then there's Chet, his "right hand man."  Sure enough, 3rd on the list is "Chez," and we wind up the 4-some wth "Chaz."  They always barhop together, and they always come in 4's.  Thus is the creed of the shiny kids.  Chad is always the leader, but Chet, Chez and Chaz always play pivitol roles within the quadrumvert (is that even a word?  eh well).  Chet might be the platinum blonde lady killer.  Chaz might be the bandanna-wearing tough guy.  Point is, they always roll together, and you can't single one out.

I imagine I may have pissed a few people off by now.  Honestly, I really don't mean to.  When I drink, sometimes I just ramble.  But if you take one thing away from this blog, I hope it is this:

Erm . . . actually I don't have a message.  Keep on doin' what you do, people of eBaums.  I'm gonna go crash for a bit before I head back tow ork and tell kids that drinking is bad.  And no, I'm not kidding.

I'm Garadain, and I apologize to Ellimem if people seriously complain to him about my spelling and grammar.

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