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I would like to start out by giving you an idea of how big I am. Im 6'3 and 230lb solid muscel. Plus, I have taken Korean kick boxing for 3 years now.

I dont like to fight at all. I dont even like to raise my voice. I took anger management classes when I was younger because I was always pissed off. Now to get to the story.

It was almost a year ago to date that this happened. I was hanging out with my friends at a pool hall because my best friend was getting married in a few days and he wanted to do some last minute planning. We had played two games when these guys walked over to the table beside us. They looked like the sterotypical rednecks. We didnt think anything of it and just played. My buddy left to go get us some more drinks when I over heard one of them say that my friend looked like a fag. Mind you that we dont dress normal. We are punks. So, we have mohawks and  wear wierd stuff.

I let it go at that for awhile until the guy blatantly bumped into my friend and knocked his drink from his hand. It was funny because I was wearing a hoodie at the time and these fucks thought I was just going to sit there and take this shit.

I got up and walked over and demanded the guy buy my friend a new drink. He told me to go fuck myself. I said that I didnt want any trouble and that if he bought him a drink we could all go back to our game. He pushed me into my friend and started to laugh. Well that was it. I was fucking pissed. I told them both to meet me outside now. I got out there and they were right behind me. Now I dont look like much when Im covered up. I like baggy clothes. For all they knew I was some fatty. I took off my hoodie and my friend tells it best when he say they looked like they were about to shit a brick. Just to let you know I do tree work for a living thats the only reason Im built like I am. I dont work out. Anyways, the first guy came at me and he caught me with a good punch in the mouth. I still have the scar from where his ring got me. He went to swing again and I landed a punch to his gut. He fell back but he wasnt out yet. He got ready to kick me. So I just tripped his fucking ass. I got on top of him and started to land hit after hit. His friend tried to run over but the sweetest thing I have ever seen happened. I looked up long enough to watch my friend lay this guy out with one fucking nice punch. It was like the guy just hit a wall and fell. I got up off the other guy and started laughing my ass off. It was total luck. My friend has no training in any fighting style and he just stopped this guy thats twice his size. The guy I was on top of got up and went over to his friend to help him out. My friend and I walked back into the place to get our stuff. We were about to leave when my buddy yelled at them" I bet you redneck fucks wont try that shit again". We laughed the whole way home and still to this day I call him Tyson as a joke. Thanks for reading.

Uploaded 09/21/2009
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