Another Political blog yay!

   I was going back a few days, reading some of the fairly recent blogs and comments on them, particularly the ones that regarded politics. I kinda felt I had to put my opinion out here.
   For starters, let me say that I am just writing what I believe. It is not the be all or end all, and I am under no delusions of the kind.
   The first point I'd like to discuss is Ron Paul. At least one user here (Keldon, for anyone who has never been on the site before...) seems to think that Ron Paul is the answer to all of the countries' various problems. I have been paying a LOT of attention to Mr. Paul in the past few months. I think he has some brilliant ideas, and I hope that someday they can be implemented in a manner that enables the politicians in Washington to actually represent the People instead of themselves.
   But until that happens, Mr. Paul can't really do anything extraordinary. The US Government was specifically designed to avoid giving any one person that kind of power. Unfortunately, while you may be absolutely right about Mr. Pauls' potential as President, the practical application of his idealism will never happen. The Republicans, the Tea Party, and most importantly the Lobbyists would never allow it.
   I suppose that if push came to shove, Mr. Paul could use the Executive Order to push some legislation or policy, but really, that's a dangerous move these days. I'm sure Obama has considered it more than once in the past few months, but the fallout from that move would effectively end his career, and since he's already a fairly ineffectual President, I don't think he sees a move like that as being in his best interest. (Although, he did get Osama, remove the troops from Iraq, and get Qadaffi. Wait and see how THOSE events play out in his campaign, which he hasn't really started in earnest, yet...)
   The bottom line is this- Ron Paul is doing as well as he is for one reason only: The people who are paying attention see him as an agent of change, much as Obama presented himself during his campaign a few years ago. Millions of people were saying EXACTLY the same thing about Obama that others are now saying about Paul.In some cases, those SAME PEOPLE are saying those things about Paul.
   The system is flawed. Our Government, thankfully, is (at least on paper) one of Checks and Balances. The men who wrote the Constitution wanted NOTHING to do with a Monarchy. Our Republic was specifically designed to avoid that political scenario.
    But now, some of the people in power are abusing the power that they have. I personally have a raging hard-on of anger for John Boehner, who I see as the most evil, dangerous man in Government at the moment. But it doesn't really matter- if he were removed, another just like him would fill his shoes, regardless of Party Affiliation.
    The whole system needs drastic changes.
    The House and Senate need mandatory term limits implemented immediately. The Electoral College, that old, outdated, and completely unnecessary system, needs to go NOW. Lobbying needs to be outlawed. Am I the only person who sees a conflict of interest when a Corporation can buy the vote and loyalty of a politician, or a political party?
    To break this all down to the Lowest Common Denominator, we're looking at GREED.
    Boehner is a greedy bastard. He is in office not to perform 'Public Service', but to chase wealth and power. Did you know that the House Speakers' salary is over $200,000.00 a year, FOR LIFE?And that's just his base. When you factor in what he pockets from Lobbyists, campaign donations, fundraisers, and all the other dirty shit the politicians call 'business', he's probably making multiple millions every year, and all for preventing any progress from occurring at the job he was hired to perform.
    You a big Paul fan? Good for you. Ask him what he is going to do make his platform attainable.
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