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January 01, 2009 06:14 pm


Hey, vap


You know what man? You're right. I'm completely full of shit. I have no right to be here, arguing with people who are clearly my intellectual and moral superiors, like yourself. The fact that I have better things to do than sit around and go 'Bullshit' to every post that someone I don't like obviously makes me less of a human being than you. Dude, I have nothing to prove to you. I don't even know who you are, and, once again, I don't care. You are an annoyance, in the same way a mosquito in the tent on a camping trip is. Nothing more. Please, if you feel a need to act superior, do it on better grounds than me being full of shit. I told the truth here, and you don't matter. You didn't then, you don't now, you never will. I'm only writing this to let you know what an idiot you look like. I know, I know... You don't care... yet, I suspect there will be a public response to this message. Grow up and die like a man. You are nothing but a little punk. Happy new year, faggot.



So yeah... is this public enough for you? Seriously though, you send out one of these long bitchfest messages weekly. I'm getting tired of responding to you so I thought I'd make it perfectly clear right now for everyone including yourself. Blue, I know you are full of shit about most things you blog about and hey, that's fine. It's none of my business why you would want to impress people over the internet by creating such grand over the top characteristics for yourself like drug history, rampant sex life, skills as a musician, etc. You can hype yourself up all day long and I wouldn't care.

My problem with you only begins when you start trying to pass your bullshit off to us as fact. Do you really think we are all dumb enough to believe your a hardcore ex junkie musician who bangs bitches all the time and STILL has time/desire to post on ebaumsworld 12 hours a day? C'mon fucker, don't treat us as "less humans".

And seriously? You keep on saying "I don't matter" but every fucking week I get another message from you reminding me.

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