Another Tag Team Story

Not long ago it was mentioned that we needed another flash fiction from MjrF, and a tag team story.  MjrF did the flash fiction, so now here is the tag team story.  As with the last one, this is another story I used to tell in Iraq, but I'm stopping after the first paragraph and passing the baton.  Here we go.

No shit, there I was: On patrol in Iraq in an up-armored truck near the outskirts of Kirkuk.  That's when it happened.  Suddenly, we hit an IED and began taking small arms fire!  That's when my training kicked in and I went on auto-pilot.  Thinking quickly, I grabbed the aid bag from the medic and gave myself seven doses of morphine.  It didn't do much to help the situation, but after that I ddin't really give a shit.

That's when I saw....

Dangle:  Tag, you're it.  Copy and paste this into a new blog, add a couple paragraphs and then tag someone else to add to it.

Rules:  No one can add to the story until they are tagged. 
There must be at least three contributors, but no more than five.  If you are number five, wrap it up.

I think it was HunterDad who mentioned this, so he should be tagged next, but I wanted to hand this off to Dangle to see his angle on it.  I would also like to see Tomlet and Red tagged on one of these, but it's up to you Dangle, whoever you tag next is "it."
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