Another true story...........

A while ago I was in an area where I should not have been and it was about 2 in the am. This area I was in is a known drug area and there are three different townships that fight this thankless job. I see them there 3 cars one for each area Lincoln Hts, Lockland, and Reading and I went right by them feeling cocky because well I did not score so I was clean. Well here comes the lights and I pull over and one cop gets out and takes my drivers lic and I do the usual Why did you pull me over? He waves off two of the other cars and soon another from his area comes in and they got the big light on me and now ask me to get out of the car. I get out and he asks me if he can check my car and now I am an AMERICAN and I ask if he has a search warrant. You see I have nothing so I am playing this to the hilt when the cop waves off the other cruiser and its just me and him and I am full of myself because I am right and I am young and invincible when ......BAM across the back of my legs with a night stick and I go to my knees and BAM across my back and he asks if he needed a warrant now. I said you not only DON'T need a warrant let me take you on a tour when BAM one more for the fun of it. He searched the car and found nothing and informed me he had seen me around and WAS going to get me. You see I was not doing drugs so I knew he wasnt talking about me.

I was free to go after that and I got a life lesson and felt damn lucky that was all I got. Here is the best part, about a week later this cop got busted for using a chain to pull out a Telerific Machine/ATM from some conveinance store. ha ha You see I call it God you can call it Karma but mainly it was just GREAT.


This happened the way I said and I will say that I hated cops for a long time after that until I got older and realized that sometimes it has nothing to do with cops just asses.  Thanks for reading  Bohank

Uploaded 09/10/2008
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