Another vent.

   Forgive me in advance if my paragraphs don't stick.  I write these at work, and copy pasta doesn't seem to maintain my formatting.  So, if  you get a wall of words that you don't want to read.... DON'T.  Simple as that.

    Well, my next few blogs will probably be doom and gloom.  It's just the mood that I am in.  I'm irked.  About everything.  I was in the Marine Corps for four years and got out.  When I did, my unit ensured I had a copy of my DD-214 before I walked out.  There is a FEDERAL ORDER (DOD Instruction 1336.1) that mandates this because without having that paper, finding work is very difficult at best.  This is to give people on terminal leave a head start at job hunting.

    I came back into the Marine Corps two years later, and served another 16 years on Active Duty.  When I went to get out, I was refused my copy of my DD-214.  This is a Federal Offense, but I did not have time to argue with them.  My Dad was dieing and I wanted to get back to him before he was gone.  They told me that when my leave time was over and my EAS (End of Active Service) date arrived, they would mail it to me.  That was in 2005.  I am STILL WAITING.  Finding jobs has been difficult.

    I wrote the Commandant of the Marine Corps about three years ago.  Of course I was flustered.  I had been waiting three years at that point.  I had already found my current job, working as a contractor for the US Army, overseas.  Some retired Marine Colonel turned slime bag civilian took up for that slime bag civilian that was running the separations department at my last Command.  He tried to say there was no such law, even though I sited the EXACT law.  He also said that, in his opinion I was not a "real Marine".  In MY opinion, HE is the one that is not a "real Marine".  He should be court-martaled for perpetrating a fraud, and dereliction of duty.  This should be a black eye to the Corps.  Shame on them.  "Family Values"? "We take care of our own"?  Who's taking care of MY family?  Who's taking care of me?  Who ensured that other Marines leaving my old unit are not getting screwed over?  Let me give you a hint, it is NOT "We".  It is "Me".  I was able to forewarn my Gunnery Sergeant before he retired, shortly after I did.  He had more time to argue with them than I, and he got his DD-214... because IT IS THE LAW.  HQMC should be ashamed of itself for letting me, and countless others down.

    Yes I know.  I need to contact the Board of Naval Corrections now.  NO.... THEY should have to do it.  That was not MY error; it was THEM breaking the law, and THEY should be held accountable for it.  THEY should have to be the ones to fix it.  You know?  I should stop... I'm starting to get really upset.  Sorry folks.
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