Another Wonderful day at work.... ahhhhhhh

Just like any other day I lay in bed until the damn alarm screams so loud my ear start to bleed, but hey I finally get up and turn the piece of shit off... Get dressed and head out. Well I work for a cable company so I get to take my van home, which is awesome, sometimes, the bastard is huge... and just a sign in my front yard telling my neighbors that I can fucking fix anything... bastards...


Anyway I get to work and we have our little Wednesday meeting, we sit around a large table, get told what we are doing wrong, and then bitched at cause what we did right at one point is now wrong, every week they change their minds...


Fuck it, a hour to relax, just act like I give a shit and time flys by... Off to work I am, and hey the trip to my first job is over 20 miles, kinda sucks but once again ride time and no work, relax!!! I get there, all hell breaks lose, well, not really, it was just a digital box I had to swap, infact, it was one of the best jobs I ever had...


And all of a sudden about 6 cars pull up while I'm on the pole, have to do my up to spec bullshit, ok, no biggie, a bunch of old fuckers, maybe late 40's or early 50's, no biggie, my customer inside was pretty old, ok, so everything is done, I'm heading back inside to check on a few things and what the fuck...........


All I can smell is pure weed, I mean at like 9 in the morning, and nothing else is going on, all these old fuckers are just puffing away, didn't see it but boy did I smell it. I don't smoke and to be honest I really dont care, but as I look around at this horrible house, I'm like, if these old bastards quit somking this shit and put a few dollars in their house maybe the shit would look half decent.


I don't judge people but being poor, and being poor for a dumb fucking reason like spending all your shit on weed and coke and who knows what is just dumb, I go in some place look like a bomb went off, but they got that 50" plasma mounted on the wall, and the fastest gaming computer and the dicks dont even know how to operate it...


People I swear...

Uploaded 10/29/2008
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