Answer man........

I consider myself very knowledgeable about young guys and women so if any of you have a question please feel free to ask but I will start the questions and some of the answers myself so we can save some time.

First Question Bo:  Why does my boyfriend cheat on me and say he will change but never does?

Answer: It would be real easy to say why do let him treat you like a piece of carpet, or why do you love him but the real answer is It is NOT your fault men are pigs and we dont care about anything except we have a penis and when do we get to use it again.

Next Question Bo: Why does my girlfriend get mad at me for no reason at all?

Answer: Oh God this is easy, you are at fault because you are a guy and the only thing you care about is the penis thing. Sorry! But Bo I didn't do anything. Sorry its your fault go home and apologize immediately.

Last Question: Why does my girlfriend always complain about me not having a job and bringing more money home?

Answer: My God these get easier as we go. The problem is your fault and we have already gone over this material but in case you weren't listening  guys only care about their penis and when they get to use it again.


In summary guys it is your fault all the time and the sooner you realize this you will save yourself some arguing and you know what that means.........yes you get to use that penis again.


Thanks for reading and if you have anymore questions for me just mail it to:

Its his fault

P.O. box bo no truth

dog house Ky, 41069

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