Ant poison and the human body

  What I learned today...

  Thursday afternoon they sprayed my apartment for ants for the third friggin time this summer. It won't work but, hey whatever right? My roomie claims she can't smell the poison or anything. I have been smelling and tasting it ever since. Today I made two sammiches for lunch on the counter not thinking anything about it. They tasted fine, lunch was good, life is good right? NOT RIGHT!!! Immediately after the second sammich (yes I know it's sandwich) I could literally feel the poison in my system. The bug guy said not to clean anything for a couple of days, and I didn't. Four slices of bread literally bathed in ant poison on the counter and my dumb ass gobbled 'em down. Now I smell it, taste it, feel it in my system. I managed an hour maybe before I repainted the inside of the toilet with bologna and cheese and Pepsi. I could smell that stuff in my sweat!!! And I was sweating profusely mind you. I can't remember the last time I was this sick. My BRAIN hurts even.

   My question is...If this stuff fucked me up that bad for 12 hours, why don't the ants fucking die???




Uploaded 08/22/2010
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