Anti-Queer Training Begins Today

Today I am starting a symposium on starting the male eBaum's World user on the road to recovery from a world of queer desires and activities. Please join me in this righteous endeavour so that the healing may begin. 

First, we must define what I mean by "Queer" so that you can easily identify yourself as a potential benefactor. Queer as I define it for these purposes are male homosexuals, pedophiles of any sex, brutish men of chauvinistic character, fouled mouth perverted youth, and homophobes. It does not include lesbians, because lesbianism is the direct result of the lack of real men of quality. Lesbianism is a loving simple frolic that is perfectly safe and disease free. 

You may question why I include homophobes in the definition and of course,  your curiosity is justified, albeit naive. I am not a homophobe, to be so would mean that I am afraid of gay people, I assure you that I am not. I love all my brothers and sisters. Their personal habits and behaviours are what I, as a decent human being disdain. 

Later today, when I have more time for my brethren here at eBaum's World, I will chart a course that will see you all on your way to recovery from the vial beings that you are to beautifully balanced, well rounded, charming and intelligent beings that I so well represent.  

See you all at the Symposiums!
Uploaded 08/08/2012
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