Anti Virus Made By Scammers

I've recently received a notification from my anti virus that it's going to expire in a month, so I was like "okay, that's 30 days, I don't have to renew the licence yet." But after the message showed up the anti virus (I'm not going to say the name of the software) started acting up. And I don't mean that it started crashing or any of that shit. Quite the contrary.

What it started to do is... finding viruses. To notify me how much I need this anti virus and how many viruses are out there. The thing is, the shit it found weren't viruses at all. Basically, what it did was a cheap move from the anti viruses manufacturer that would classify different types of software as possible threats. So, software I used for 5 years that's a quick dictionary - now it's a VIRUS! Wait, hold on, it took you so much time to get this? I've used that stuff on different computers and the threat wasn't detected. By other anti viruses either. So what's the deal? It was recently discovered? But wait, it won't let me launch Saints Row IV now? Apparently there's a virus in that game. Wait, nope, in one of the files that aren't even an exe.

Another video game - VIRUS! That's weird because now suddenly I have so many viruses on my computer this anti virus didn't detect a week ago. And... another software, this one I've been using for like 2 years without any notifications. It seems like it's a virus now. Oh wait, and the auto updated of another thing showed up as a virus now. Shit, I better have an auto virus to protect me from this shit, right?

Uploaded 09/10/2013
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