anyone else wanna blow their pick up truck to bits?

i love my pick up truck for so many reasons, but one thing i never cunted on while purchasing my pick up was that once you buy a pick up you automatically become your neighborhood bitch.  i've owned several pick ups, and you would think i would have learned mt lesson.  it seems like every week one of my neighbors need to move some bullshit, and they come to me to do it.  fuck that! if i wanted to start my own rent-a-truck company then i would have.  i fucking work 7 days a week busting my ass, and i don't need all these fucking prick neighbors taking advantage of me.  i'm so fucking sick of watching my beautiful truck get scratched and dinged becuase some fuck face thinks i need the five bucks so badly that i'll drive half hour to pick up some peice of shit used water heater, or they think i have nothing better to do than move them.  my biggest peice of advice to anyone buying a pick up is that you should never ever agree to move sit for anyone, becuase the second you show any weakness there will be fuckers to take advantage of you.  don't get me wrong i'm all about helping my fellow man, but i'm really sick and fucking tired of people taking advantage of my truck. for all you truck abusers...think about what kind of bullshit your putting your truck owning buddy into.

thanks for reading my angry i'm off to go pick up that stupid fucking water heater.

Uploaded 04/19/2010
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