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Okay, right when we moved in, we notified the office about my fiance and my broken windows. During the winter, our heating bills were sky high. Now, during the summer, I think something is rotting above us and we have a fly infestation problem. They are getting in through the windows. We've contacted the office twice now and today they were supposed to send out a person to fix the windows and kill the flies. He was supposed to be here between 11-4. He never showed up. When we called later and asked the office about it, they said "oh we're sorry, we were running behind. Others needed their windows done too" and when we asked if he fixed any windows today at all he said "no". I do not pay 630 a month to live in a shithole. My question to all of you is how to put my money into escrow or break the lease.


(This even excludes the drug dealers we had next door. When we asked the office about it, they didn't care.)

I want out. How do I get the fuck out of here? It's disgusting.

Uploaded 07/17/2008
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