OMG... I have had issue after issue for about a month or two now.  I could be in the middle of something, or just starting something up and the computer would start acting all haywire.  Screens flipping back and forth, a little blue button swirling around and that ever-so irritating error message:  "(application) not responding"  (Yahoo (not responding), or Solitare (not responding), or Control Panel (not responding))


     IE says that this is necessarily an error code thrown by the website.  WRONG.  I knew this was wrong simply because I had it on EVERYTHING.  I had it on Solitare, Freecell, Control Panel.  It was everywhere.  It was getting so bad that I had to reboot it 3 or 4 times in a row.  There are many hundred of thousands of hits on the internet for this error.  It happened shortly after the new code was released for the internet, so I figured it was a software issue, but I wasn't sure.  I found nothing definitive on it.


     Today I got so frustrated that I decided to check my warrenty info.  OOO, It runs out in 10 days.  Better make that dreaded call to support.  Their answer?  "recreate your profile"  (well they went the long about way of telling me what to do and how to do it, but that is what we did.)  It seems to have worked.... Time will tell, but I can already see MAJOR improvements.


     Really?  A CORRUPT PROFILE did all of that?  I think so.  So, if anybody out there is having these issues as well, try to create a new profile and see if that works for you.  If it does.... you have your answer.  IF not, you can continue troubleshooting.  I don't know why I didnt' think of this.. but I am embarrassed, yet releived... sort of a good and satisfied embarrassed...


Uploaded 04/26/2012
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