Appreciate The Mods!

As most of my readers probably don't know, some of the users on this website have moderator privileges. What this means, in theory, is that they are very helpful to the website's staff in finding material for features, but also trustworthy enough to get some extra options like setting the mature flag, deleting comments or banning users. User mods don't get paid for their help, since it's voluntary. Unfortunately, many people don't realise the hard work the people here do to help this website. So I decided to say:

Thank you, UsedCarMan!

For being a great guy and always helping me out with stuff on this site. But that's not all. You're the author of Monday Morning Randomness, the best humor gallery on this website, and continue to post awesome pics every week for years. You're one of the best things that ever happened to this website.

But to be fair, I also have to point out there's many other great users here that help deal with troll nonsense and spam. They might have less experience in moderating, but you can already tell they're great. I'm thankful to Fartknocker and NastyCobra for being so helpful when it comes for dealing with loser trolls flagging my blogs or other types of stupidity. 

When you browse the new submissions and don't get spam and pictures of penises, know that it's because of them. They took them out for you. They also had to watch those pics. So think how many dick pics they had to watch for this website to be safe. And bestiality. Don't forget hidden  toilet cam pics. Did you see those here? Exactly, you didn't get a chance to. How do you think that happened? Appreciate that

Uploaded 05/24/2012
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