April Fools Jokes Gone Wrong

I don't write many blogs, but I am waiting for the laundry so thought I would write one.  Do any of you have any good April Fools experiences?

This one happened ages ago when I was still in Elementary School.  It happened when I was in grade six.  When homeroom class started, the teacher must have decided to play an April Fools joke on us.  She told the class that the washrooms were broken, and that we would have to use these buckets (there were two, which were labeled boys and girls)

Thing was, most of us were a bit shocked, but realized this was likely an April Fools joke....except the for mentally challenged kid.  Before the teacher could do anything, he proceeded to take a shit in the boys bucket.  At first there is silence then one boy starts to laugh, then the entire class erupts in laughter.

You could see the anger in the kids face, then he took the shit bucket and threw it at the teacher.  Now some stopped laughing at that point, but it made me laugh even more.

So anyone else have some April Fools jokes that have gone wrong?

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