Are Chinese People Naturally Crazy?

We all know how bad Chinese people drive. Nine times out of ten, if I see some bizarre driving situation it's caused by a Chinese person.  Then there were the Mao years in China where probably one hundred million people starved to death due to programs like chasing birds until the birds died from exhaustion. The Chinese apparently didn't know the birds kept pests in check and because of this they lost their crops. 

Most people today would consider that ancient history and not the kind of prevalent thinking that occurs among the Chinese today. After all, their economy is booming and they are America's banker. Just recently China's economy surpassed America's economy, pretty incredible when you consider that imported goods in the US are marked up 900% and then added to the GDP.

So how can this be? If the US economy receives nine times the benefit to GDP than the Chinese and exporters do, how is it possible that the Chinese now out strip the USA in GDP?  

Well as bizarre as the US GDP being pumped up by simply selling imported manufactured goods at ten times the purchasing price, China too has figured out a strange way to increase their GDP.They simply build it regardless if there is a market for it. And I'm not talking about gizmos and trinkets, I'm talking about entire cities full of sky scrapers and shopping malls. In fact they build these cities at a rate of about ten per year, but they are virtual ghost towns. 

If you ever wondered if the Chinese are just naturally Crazy I think the following video might answer that question for you.


Uploaded 12/31/2011
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