are paid Survey sites a waste of time?

I am a member of a handful of paid Survey sites and have been for a while now, most of them i have given up on due to the lack of surveys that i fail to qualify for, but I have joined a new one recently called Opinion Outpost, there is one thing that all of these sites have in common, they make it sound like all you have to do is sit behind your computer answer a few questions and the money starts flowing. I have come across one major problem with that, you cannot make any money if you do not qualify for the surveys. On Opinion Outpost, I have attempted 27 surveys in the last two days, and have only been able to earn points ,which is traded in for gift cards, in two of them, my total points is a meager 20, which figures up to about $2, and you cant cash out until you reach at least $20, now normally i would simply abandon the site since i have been wasting more time on it then i am actually getting back.
There is one catch though they have a drawing which appears to be every four months, where the grand prize is $12,000 and your given a entry in the drawing each time you start a survey, you don't have to compete it just start it, as well as the surveys you fail to qualify for there is a second chance drawing for points which i have yet to win, that is the catch that has kept me messing around there, i am just aggravated about the wasted hours that i have spent doing these surveys only to find out i do not qualify for it.
Uploaded 02/07/2012
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