Are The Dodgers The Best Team In Baseball?

Since loosing Tranny Ramirez to the doping, the Dodgers have managed to not only keep pace with their division but keep the best record in baseball. Some would argue that they haven't really been tested yet. That may be true, and in the weeks to come it will no doubt be questioned continuously. They have swept the Mets, but thats not saying much. We took two out of three games at Philly. Philly by the way is prolly our biggest competition, having kicked our ass last year on the way to the World Series. Hopefully we will be able to get revenge this year in the post season. The Dodgers may be playing in the weakest division of baseball but if you look at the stats the Dodgers stand a pretty good chance of fucking up any team they play. They have played a total of 18 series, they have won 11, lost 4, and tied 3. I like those odds. Of course some of you will say that they dont stand a chance against the American League teams.....I'll see you in October....Tranny or no Manny....

Uploaded 06/04/2009
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