are these people real?

so now i have had jobs my whole life where i deal with the general (disease infested, mind-numbingly stupid) public. i thought i had experienced enough through being a mechanic and a foundation repair foreman to not be apalled by the human ANIMAL anymore. well........i have managed to be proved wrong by the current job i have been so blessed with. (sorry...i just threw up in my mouth, swallowed it, then threw up again).

 i now clean carpets for 400 bucks a week. yeah........i'm excited too......believe me. oh, on with my skin-crawling disgust with this disease called human. people will live in human shit. literally. i'm not joking. then call us to clean it up for them! IT'S THEIR FUCKIN SHIT!!! how long would it take you to call someone if your toilet was overflowing and flooding your house/apartment/shanty with a mixture of shit, piss, and your kids dead goldfish??? would it be 3 FUCKIN DAYS?!?!?!?! oh and you have small kids LIVING IN LAST WEEKS MEATLOAF! i....heh, heh.......i just dont fuckin get it. i mean, simple logic should lead you to the action of not living there while the landlord gets someone to clean that shit up, or you would at least put forth some effort to clean up your own poo poo.

 not even 100 bucks a day i'm getting........and if it isnt human shit and piss its dog, cat, pig, goat, manbearpig, or some other wild goddamn animal these walking bags of organic material want to have sharing the same domicile as them. i REFUSE to call these organisms PEOPLE let alone HUMAN. i hate them. i fucking hate them. i stare at them with thier slack jaws and vacant eyes, zombies with no life purpose or value to give. AHH WAIT! they do give purpose! i have figured it out! if they didnt treat their carpets like a truck stop bathroom then i wouldnt be there to clean/fumigate/set ablaze said carpet thus making me unemployed again! how could i have been so BLIND? i'm gonna quit if you havent noticed.

 i got an aquaintence(i do not posess "friends") that is going to try to get his boss to hire me installing security cameras and equipment. i wont have to deal with many "people" he asured me.


oh and in regards to having a "god complex": i dont think it is possible to be of the assumption that you are something that doesnt exsist. i do not feel that i am a god or are like a god. feeling that you are better than other people, i feel, is a confidence thing. i do realize there are varying levels of intelligence and that we should be patient with thoes that are of less intelligence than we are. the peopl,e i wish i could euthanise are the ones i mention above, without value or purpose. hate me if you want, think me a evil man, but at least recognise that deep down you all feel a bit the way i do.

Uploaded 06/15/2009
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