are they friends or are they really friends?

So I have had this friend for like years and years, since I was 15 and I'm now 22.  She has always been one for borrowing money and not giving it me back and getting me into trouble and I don't really bother with her that much anymore but I thought the other day life is too short to be falling out with people and have tension.

So I invited her round to my apartment tonight, with her boyfriend/person she is having sex with. Everything was going fine until I said I need to go to the shop for a bottle of wine, her partner offered to walk me.

We were on the way back and I noticed he kept staring at my breasts, I was a little weirded out so I asked him are you staring at my knecklace ( I had pearls on ) and he said yes of course I am, then! he came up and whispered in my ear

''actually no, I was staring at your tits'' I laughed and thought he was joking and he said ''you have gorgeous tits''

I was actually gobsmacked and as soon as I got in, I grabbed my friend and took her to the toilet and explained what had happened and she want balistic at me!
Said I was a terrible friend for telling her and I should be disgusted.

I chucked her out my house and thought to myself how the hell am I the bad friend for telling her what her partner was like, I would love to know if my boyfriend had of done that because I would kick his ass, and if he did do that he wouldn't have much respect and love for me would he!

Am I in the wrong here?
Uploaded 05/12/2011
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