Are you going to vote?

   Are you going to vote in the upcoming elections? If so, I'd like to hear why.
   I believe that your vote (at least in the United States) is completely, absolutely worthless. I'll explain that further, but I'd also like to make a few other points.
   For starters, we need term limits for seats in Congress and the Senate. Why does a President have a two-term limit, but a Senator or Congressman can serve for life?
   Next, we need to completely get rid of the Lobbyists. If one party had to be held responsible for the damage done to this country in the past twenty years, I'd hold the Lobbyists responsible for the bulk of it.

   That's part of why your vote is worthless. It's because when you vote for a candidate, you are most likely voting for whatever campaign promises he made while he was trying to get your vote. But ask yourself this: How did you even hear of this candidate? Where did he or she get the money to put his or her message out there?

   The answer, of course, is that he or she got the necessary money from Corporations who want that politician to do their bidding in office. And that money came through lobbyists.

   So, when you vote for a candidate, you're voting for what they have promised. But they won't deliver on those promises. They CAN'T, because they have to fulfill their promises to the corporations who put them there, which brings me to my next point.

  Your vote doesn't count. If it did, there would be a National Popular Election, and the winner would be... Well, the winner. End of story. But that's not how it works.
   No, in the United States, we still use the Electoral College. An archaic, outdated, and completely unnecessary system that was designed to represent presumed voting in districts that were so far out in the sticks that the residents of these places had no way to vote. Essentially, it's the Government voting for you.

   The Electoral College is how US Presidents get elected, not the popular vote. If the Popular vote were solely responsible for National elections, George W. Bush would never have been elected President. (*Surprise, he wasn't.)

   In addition, here are some disturbing facts:

   In all likelihood, Obama will be reelected President. Argue all you want, it's probably going to happen. The fact is, the Republicans are making fools of themselves. All of the Republican candidates are stupid, ignorant liars who have come to rely on Fox News as their sole source of information and information exchange. The only exception to this is Newt Gingrich, who is neither stupid, nor ignorant. But he's still a disturbing liar.

   Also, Obama hasn't really begun his campaign yet. When he points out that he effectively ended the war in Afghanistan, killed Osama Bin Laden, and is getting ready to begin a large drawback of troops in Iraq, especially during wartime, he will effectively shut all the Republicans up. You typically can't beat a sitting President during a war, that's a fact.

   In addition, Obama has improved the economy. Granted, it's a marginal (at best) improvement, and has not yet generated positive numbers, but it has made the negative numbers climb in a positive direction. I promise you, I will not be the only one pointing out that the Republicans did everything in their power to prevent Obama from having any success at all. This will happen, and Obama will most likely be President for another four years.

   For the sake of the country, I truly hope that we elect a Democratic Senate and House, if this is the case. I don't believe the country can handle another four years of this childish Bi-Partisan bullshit. John Boehner should have a stroke and die. That man is responsible, personally, for millions of people living below the poverty line.

   If not, then I hope we get a Republican President, House, and Senate. I don't care about partisanship anymore. I just know that if we have one party in the white house, and another in congress, nothing will get accomplished.

   No more lobbyists. No more Electoral College. And term limits. It won't fix everything, but it's a good start. If these things don't get done, this country might never recover.

   Finally... Can somebody tell me why nobody is losing their fucking mind over Grover Norquist and the bullshit 'Pledge' he had all those Reps sign, that has effectively killed our Nation?

   Thanks, and as always, Have a Great Day!



Uploaded 12/08/2011
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