Arrgh. Yes. I am a pirate.

Yes world, I steal music, movies, and random apps. I don't find it a big deal, but more often than not I run into people that do. I'm sick and tired of people acting like 60% of people with computers don't do this. Your high school teacher, he downloads porn. Your mom downloads oldies music. Your grandfather, beats your grandma but thats a different story. Why is it such a crime? They say it isn't fair to the actors, or the bands. I say stores, and theatres are unfair to the consumer. Right now in America the average person makes what, $10 an hour? So it takes me two hours, of blood sweat and tears to listen to some rich guy rap to beat if I buy the cd, not including the gas to get to the store. Or it cost me the electric to run the computer, the internet access, and a pack of empty discs. ACTORS ARE HARDWORKING PEOPLE!!! Blow me. Yes full on hands and fucking knees, blow me. My dad worked in a mine, and my mother was an accountant. They both worked over 60+ hours a week. They are hard-working people. An actor, who gets paid millions, that doesn't risk his life or his sanity, gets paid millions. My dad worked for the company for over 30 years, he ended up making right about $25 an hour. But, the fact is, actors are hard working people. If I love a band, or truly love a movie, i'll buy one of there shirts. Its an economical way to show your support. One its an advertisement for them, two [hopefully] it looks pimping on me. The proceeds somehow make it back to them from the store I got it from, and maybe ill influence somebody that has the time and effort to make it to the store after getting off a 16 hour shift, where unlike me i don't even have the effort to get off. I didn't mention singers, because I would end up on some fuck t-pain tyraid. Music is an artform, but not all music is art. So for all the singers that I do like, I will buy your shirt and steal your music. Hell the computer I'm writing this from has a hack copy of Windows on it, because honestly Bill Gates is an asshole. He has $66 billion, and there is roughly 6 billion people in this world [you'll correct me if im wrong Ebaums, i've been around long enough to know that], but still we have hungry people. I wonder if he laughs at the Feed The Children commercials?

Uploaded 01/06/2010
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