Art didn't exist back then.

I watch a lot of television... somebody has too.  And in doing so, I happened upon a show called Ancient Aliens, where these, sometimes educated, nut-jobs try and prove the existence of other worldly life through Ancient ruins and artifacts.  They claim that 
any and all depictions of human-like beings that don't look exactly like humans, is proof that people here were visited and influenced by extra-terrestrials.  It's not just alien-looking statues and paintings, they also use aliens to explain away ancient 
architecture, the meaning of famous artwork, and honestly a large part of human history.   Most of it is obvious stretched out bullshit that you would have to be pretty fucked up to believe.

Don't get me wrong here.  I believe that it is entirely possible for there to be life on more planets than just Earth.  If it can happen here, why not somewhere else?  Neat to think about and shit, but I'm not going to concern myself with it too much.  It's not the 
incredible bias this show spits out that bothers me so much.   The people on Ancient Aliens aren't the only ones trying to comprehend Human's earlier ways of life.  They even have a name for it; Anthropology.  We have no way of knowing for sure 
sometimes, but even if you don't attribute most of it to the work of aliens, we still think about the lives of people in ancient times. 
We want to know how they built their cities, who or what they believed in, and what they wiped their asses with.  That makes me wonder what people 3000 years from now will think of us, provided we don't kill ourselves off before then. 
It's hard to say what people 3000 years from now will be like, but  things are going to be different.  Not all that exists today will last that long.  We don't know exactly what will happen, or what the effects are going to be.    One thing is for sure though; they 
are going to try and figure us out, using whatever we leave behind.    I think it will be a lot like our take on times before ours.
Maybe they'll find the, by then, remaining ruins of New York.   They may look at what's left of the statue of liberty and instead of knowing it was a gift, they'll see it as something we've built... maybe to praise the Goddess of Freedom.   They might see our 
"early" sky scrapers as religious temples - their size indicating our attempts at reaching the heavens, or signalling aliens.     What if they discover super hero's   Are they going to know that it's simple entertainment that popularized them, or are they going to 
believe that Super Man was a real person who ruled the land, claiming god-like abilities to scare his people into conformity.  Thinking comic books were propaganda aimed at children.     You know, what if they think Super Man was Kim Jong Il?!  There's a 
really good chance that someday someone will stumble upon an artifact of our time and attribute it to something far more significant to what we actually intend it for.    They're going to look at us as primitive beings.   And definitely some tard is going to 
assume that aliens visited the Wright Brothers, and gave them the gift of flight.   There's going to be people who will blow things out of proportion, due to a lack of understanding, not ever believing in the innovation of our species. 
I know what you're thinking, who cares right?  We'll all be long gone by then, of course.  But what if we're seeing the past incorrectly?   We don't have the answers to explain all that we find, but we often look to utilitarian or religious purpose.  When I watch 
shows showcasing our quest of knowledge of ancient times, not just Ancient Aliens, I find that not many people like to take the "just art" route.  They found this thing, and they often want it to mean more than what it may have meant.   It's like we don't 
believe people had the ability to be creative.  Nobody had an imagination back then or something.  Our culture is crawling with creativity and imagination.  We create fictitious characters, depict shit that never occurred  and create objects that have no 
significant purpose.  We know it's not real, no matter how popular.  We know that a rubix cube is just for wasting time when you're bored.  Yet, when we look at a 2000+ year old hieroglyph of a man with a bird's head, we are ok thinking that this person was 
a ruler, or a god.  Maybe they made up super hero's back then too?  Maybe some rich Pharaoh was obsessed with their version of Batman, which they called Bird Man, and so when he died his family and friends used some of his money to paint Bird Man all 
over the walls.   He might have just been nerdy.  Maybe they had mascots for their favourite sport team, and these "half animal - half human" depictions wasn't what they believed brought life to planet Earth, but were there to show support for the local 
soccer team. 
Yeah, I realize some of what I said was a stretch.  But so is believing that Aliens built any and all pyramid like structures through out the world.   I'm not kidding... people actually believe that shit.   Some people actually think that Aliens came down from space 
and taught us how, and even built some of our pyramids for us.   They, being pyramids, look very similar to other pyramids in other locations in the world, so they assume that they are from the same designer.   Maybe they're JUST FUCKING PYRAMIDS!   I don't think it's wrong to assume that more than one civilization was capable of geometry.  Ever think that just maybe the people back then didn't have the ability to build huge building straight up yet?  Maybe they had to make each level slightly smaller than 
the other in order to have a ledge to work on the next level from?   Like using the building it's self as scaffolding   These things are fucking huge, and if I were to make them by hand, I'd want to do it the easiest and most cost effective way too.   Then those 
tards on TV are all like "why would they make them?"    I don't know, because they wanted to?    The places that have these Ancient Pyramids were also the cultures that were the first to participate in international trade.  Maybe the Egyptians wanted to look 
good to visitors?   We do that all the time!  We live in gigantic houses that have more square footage than any family of 5 could ever need, but we still pay that extra price for  extra "entertainment areas".   People as a whole are willing to do lot's of stupid shit 
for money, just so they can have this "image" of affluence.   Boastfulness and greed are not new behaviors of ours, and neither is artistic expression.   
Why is it that, when we don't understand, we feel free to assume the outlandish?    
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