As I Was

reading some of the comments on Rollo's last blog, I saw that he was arguing with theopposition. Theopposition of course, reverts to talking about Bush supporters and blah blah blah.

When are you fucking left wing radicals going to let Bush's time in office go. Bush did not fuck everything up. Get over it. Your little big shot president talked about through his whole campaign how it is time for "change" and "hope" and how it is time to move on. Get the fucking message, he said it himself, move on.

Since you want to talk about the Bush administration, and how they fucked everything up lets do it.  The economy got really bad towards the end of 06 and into 07. Who controlled congress during this time? OMG, I know, it was the democrats. Congress has way more power than the president does. They can pass any bill that the president vetoes. They would have overridden a veto of the $700 billion stimulus package, that is the only reason Bush signed it.

2 years from now, when Obama pushes us farther into debt, raises taxes on everybody, doesn't do a damn thing about health care, you will still blame Bush, and you all know you will.

Uploaded 08/05/2009
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