as of december 25 or christmas

as of december 25 or i should just say christmas i will be putting alot of vidoes that are about games such as tips,cheats,hints,walkthroughs,trailers for games and even just gameplay and much much more of course i will also will be putting my normal vidoes and pictures to but i will put vidoes of games more often so if you need to know anything about games just check my vidoes every day because i will be putting tons of vidoes on ebaumsworld if i dont have a vidoe of what you need then email me at  to look at my vidoes go to my profile or just click this link please rate and comment my vidoes and pictures i will mostly put vidoes of nintendo wii and nintendo ds but i will also  put vidoes of other systems such as playstation 3 and xbox one last time for an update on my latest vidoes click this link

i dont know if you know or even care but there is a new nintendo ds coming out called the nintendo dsi this new system includes two 0.3 mega pixel cameras (one for inside the device and one on the outside) it has a 2gb sd memory card slot,better speakers and is smaller in overall size but contains larger screens (approx. 3.25 inches) the dsi will also include a built in wi-fi browser and access to a dsi shop (similar to the online wii shop) the pricing at the shop will range from free to 800 points for various dsi shop items plus dsi owners will receive 1000 point for free when they purchase the new system the system was just released in japan for 18,900 yen or approximately $189 in us dollars this upgraded ds will probably launch in the us sometime in 2009 however some sources  are saying that nintendo is trying to bring the price down to around $130 dollars for the us market 

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