Asiandude2 and the Stinking Brits

I love how everyone is up in arms about this guys views on the limeys. Personally, I respect him. The stinking brits are all a bunch of uptight assholes anyways. They are the biggest oppressors in the world. They tried to destroy Scotland and they are still stinking up Northern Ireland. They tried to take over America when the smart limeys left their little island behind and came here looking for a better life. Now, the wonderful thing about America is we have freedom of speech. We have the right to talk shit about the stinking brits whenever we want. That is what Asiandude is doing, he’s exercising his God given American right to bash the English. Ebaum has given him the forum to do this and that is a beautiful thing! I say FUCK being politically correct! Be offensive! Piss people off! Be passionate about something. Speak your mind and don’t hold back. If people get offended or get their feelings hurt, so fucking what. They’ll learn to get over it. Asiandude, keep it up. Do and say what you think is right and fuck all of these crybabies. Also, I’d like to thank the IRA for doing a wonderful job and for trying to clean up Northern Ireland.

Uploaded 07/05/2008
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