Ask my advice!

  I am great with women I have tons online and off on my notebook and in my basement.  I am actually  looking to help someone please ask me anything I can fix it.  Believe it or not I am actually good at stuff besides blurting bullshit online. Blue note what happened to all the old bloggites? elimem eshle jenny  and like eight admins who lopped my shit off ebw. Eh well fuck it I want to help a newer Blogger with his personal life here are my qualifications.


I have a lv 64 Blood elf paladin prot.  I also have over 200 hours of porn stashed in every state. I am realy good with women, I could show you how to make clothing from them.  One time I met bat man and he was like "Whats up?" and I was all like " Nm....u?"... That was insane you should have been there whats the chance of meeting batman in a chat room? Not likely. I have also written alot of movies. I am a bit of a fantastic writer.  Seriously Ask me a question.   I am good... Some say too good.... Some ask who?...


If I dont get a good question I will explain how to have sex with the mentaly ill. In HD..


 That's me Matt.  Those, They are my zombies. What's this ? Oh it's a blog...


I need to act out more like others.



Uploaded 06/02/2009
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