Ask volcom 2!

Dear volcomelement34, My annoying neighbour isalways borrowing my tools and not returningthem. My hammer disappeared, my swrewdrivers,my nail guns, and so on. He's a nice guy, so Idon't want to hurt his feelings by asking himto give my stuff back. How should I approachthis situation??      -the big bad

Dear big bad If your neighbor is stealing your tools and if hes really a nice guy then get him to admit that he was stealing them. Simply when your talking to him just bring up the fact that someone has been stealing your tools and you feel really bad about it because they cost you a lot of moneyy that you could have spent on food or a christmas present for a family member, Works every time hehe.

Dear volcom my neighbor keeps stealing my news paper what should I do because hes always waking up before me? thecuntmorpher.

dear cuntmorpher simply wake up early one day get your newspaper and fill it with fireants or another pissed of insect like a scorpion. Just make sure that he isnt allergic to them because he could sue you for that.

Uploaded 12/29/2008
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