Ass hole knocked my 4 year old cousin over.

Today at the grocery store im pushing the cart down the aisle trying to get some cokes. This guy is on his hands and knees trying to reach some item that is way in the back of the bottom shelf.

When passing him I accidently bumped his shoe. I stopped and said " oh im sorry" He just looked at me. Assuming every thing was cool I walked on. When I reach the end of the aisle He starts running up to me screaming "You bumped my shoe!!!"

I turn around and he is yelling about how I bumped him and didnt help him up. He is cussing and yelling.�The guy is scaring my 4 year old cousin who is with me so I say " I already apologised, You didnt say anything so I assumed everything was ok, if you wanted something besides an apology you should have said something. I cant read your mind" He just stood there so I turn around grabbed my cousins hand and started walking away.

Well apparently he decided that to get back at me he was going to bump and knock over a 4 year old girl. He� runs up bumps her so hard she falls and scrapes her knee. He turns with a shit eating grin on his face and says "im sorry" and proceeds to walk towards the exit. I would have kicked his ass so hard but I couldnt leave her crying on the floor like that.

All I could say is, "what the fuck is your problem you son of a bitch?"

I was so pissed that I wasnt able to do anything about it. By the time I got her all cleaned up this asshole was long gone.

I went to the front of the store and requested the manager. I told him what happened. He called the cops. They are now launching a full investigation into it. They are reviewing the store security cameras to see what happened and the parking lot cameras to see if they can tell what type of car he was driving.

I hope they catch this guy. They better hope they catch him before I do. If I see him you can damn sure bet I will beat the living�fuck out of that piece of shits ass.

Uploaded 12/09/2008
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