Assholes have their own set of rules. Part Two

6. Always have a plan.No one makes it all the way to the top on luck, no one. Assholes always formulate a plan of some kind; they have short and long term goals. Then they plot a course to achieve these goals. We all know things dont always go as we plan; so the asshole must be able to adapt to unforeseen events and get back on the right track. I also advise a Plan-B; no not the pill you idiot.

7. Take what you want.Never ask. Take. Those who ask never get exactly what they want. Assholes get exactly what they want the nicer office, the bigger slice of cake, the best out of life. The saying goes its easier to ask for forgiveness than it is for permission.

8. Always look goodIts time to grow up. Being an asshole separates men from boys; this means its time to lose the graphic Ts you picked up at Wal-mart. The asshole always dresses his best; clothes are an extension of the man, at home or in public. You dont have to be a trendsetter, but the asshole in never out of style. (I suggest a subscription to GQ and Esquire; say what you want, but these publications will teach you a lot about being a good asshole as well as how to dress like a man.)

9. Learn from your (very few) mistakes.Never be pompous to claim perfection, ever. No one is perfect. Assholes however do learn from the mistakes they make. Never make the same mistake twice.

10. EvolveNever stop learning, growing, expanding, or practicing. When an asshole stops evolving, they start dying. Assholes will live forever. (Not really but you get the idea.)

These are the rules. Learn them. Recite them. Live them. Adopt these into your everyday life. Start slow and everything should be just fine.

Uploaded 11/01/2010
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