Atheism more than a little depressing...


So, I've been thinking about this for a little while and I've come to realize that atheism is really depressing. I'll explain why. (And mind you, I do consider myself agnostic if not atheist, so this isn't a Christian talking)

Atheism is about a statement- "I do not believe in a god." So, atheists believe that the world was created over time as a result of something else. I do think that this is a good possibility. Just because we don't know something, doesn't mean we have to make a god for it. The Romans and Greeks created gods to explain things they could not understand such as lightning and floods. It seems like much of this derives from fear. I will be the first one to admit that I am afraid of death. Not dying but actual death so it makes sense why as a society we created something to explain death and make it a little less scary.

However, atheists do not believe in the afterlife. Our bodies simply shut off and we will never be conscious again. I kind of associate this with sleeping (when you really don’t know you’re asleep until you wake up) except you don’t dream and you don’t wake up. I’m not really frightened of that since I won’t know I’m dead anyway. It will just be.

But back to that point. Since atheism believes in no god, no afterlife, no creation, then our lives become as meaningless as a bug’s. Think about it. Childhood, our best years, as not appreciated because we are too young to understand. Youth is taken away by education. Middle-age by working 40 hours a week at a job you don’t like. And then when you’re older, you look back and wonder where all those years have gone. Before you know it, all your friends/loved ones are dying off and you wonder when you’re going to follow. But it’s not like you’ll be rejoined with them. How depressing to think of them as just…dead.

So then what is the purpose of life? Just to live? What about the people have live horrible lives? Do they never get to be happy? What about the people who get everything handed to them? I’ve heard before that those people will never understand fully the meaning of life. But who cares? If they are rich and ignorant to the pain of the world, more power to them. What is the value of life to someone who is in a coma? Mentally ill? Retarded? It’s not like they can comprehend life to the extend of a healthy adult. There’s no justice in the afterlife either. Normally we like to think that the people that have done wrong in life will be punished after they die. In an atheist point of view, no they won’t. They will have the same fate as everyone else. Seems unfair to me.

I just think it’s depressing to think about the fact that no matter what I do in this life, there will not be another. Slowly, as I’m typing out this blog, the world is spinning and I’m dying. All I have to wait for is the eventually decay of my body. Despite my logical reasoning, I wish I could believe that there was a God.

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