Atilla the Squirrel

Something happened to one of my friends the other day and I found it pretty funny so I though I would share it.

My neighbor was inside and outside his window he heard this high pitched shrill come from outside. He goes outside to check what is making the sound and finds a baby squirrel curled up under a bush with 2 cats trying to get to it, so he grabbs the squirrel and brings it inside, makes sure it is ok, and sets it in a blanket. about 5 minutes later he hears the same kind of scream and he once again goes outside to find another squirrel being stalked by the 2 cats, so once again he scares off the cats and picks the squirrel from out of the bush. This one was a lot more active than the last one, but my friend still manages to grab the little guy. before my friend gets more then 3 ft. from where he found the squirrel the mother squirrel pitches a bitch about the loss of her babies. My friend then decides to set the squirrel back on the tre to see if the mother will claim it. He is 5 steps away from the tree and that tiny squirrel opens its mouth as wide as it can and lets our this suprisingly long scream,(its mouth was open about an inch which is pretty remarkable in the comparison of its size), as soon as he is finished with the scream and my friend has taken 2 more steps, this little guy chomps down into his thumb. My friend lets out a "manly" shriek and places the little guy on the tree and takes a step back.  The mother squirrel comes and snatches her littleone by the scruff and puts him in the hole in the telephone pole. Thinking quickly, my friend then runs back inside and gets the other one. Carefull not to have a repeat episode he sets the other squirrel in the tree for the mother to reclaim. End of story and its an overall happy ending. I laughed my ass of though because of that little one throwing his head back and letting out that war cry.

Well hope you enjoyed that, I am off to bed, gnight all.

Uploaded 09/25/2008
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