Attempted Murder

First time doing this - pretty bored but we'll c how this goes...

So my story starts with myself walking home from my summer job which is in Midtown, Manhattan. (NYC) As i walked down the street, i did notice a man in a wheelchair by my side, walking in the same direction although i do not know him in the least bit. We walked probably a block more, until we saw probably eight black and hispanic kids, all ranging from about 16-19 i would say.

Either way, they were yelling at a homeless man who was about 150 feet away in a park like area which houses numerous buildings. The man who was in the power wheelchair stopped and asked what was going on. They explained that the homeless man had walked directly through their group on the sidewalk which created a confrontation leading to the homeless man cutting one of the kids. He spoke with them for a bit more until they eventually moved in closer and began to surround the homeless man throwing rocks and a metal object.

The cops had now been called and people began to yell for the kids to stop. They started with Just a MasterLock, the 2lb? steel object was hurled at least 40-50mph and hit this man directly in the forehead. Added to that were rocks the size of baseballs that were landing direct hits to the back or stomache. Right after being hit the man would attempt to stab the thrower only to get hit by the next kid who he turned his back on, never catching any of them due to his limp.

After about 6-7 throws, and hits, two baseball bats arrived. Although he was only hit once with the bat it was a direct blow to the back actually causing the bat to shatter. Keep in mind this is all at about 3:30PM in the afternoon as kids on scooters are whizing by, and they ever present private security force is nowhere to be found. The sirens are about two blocks away now and the kids scatter. It seems now that this homeles man is clearly mentally unstable and most likely high on PCP or Crack as he seems to be invincible.

He walks after the kids who are now walking away, but he stops and looks the wheelchair man who is at my side. He then moved in his direction and in a jargled language accuses him of talking to the kids and believes hes friends with the kids who just attacked him. So here this man, who attempted to stop the stone throwings etc is being accused by the homeless man. Screwdriver in hand - he limps over - raises his arm - and with full swing - lands the screwdriver directly into the eye of this poor helpless man.

I - about 5 feet away- am shocked, and stone cold frozen. They screwdriver comes out and the homeless man begins to walk away yelling out that he will "murda all 'o those niggas". The wheelchair man moves towards me and me and another guy get him a T-shirt to place over the wound. I saw something pretty indescribable when he moved his hand... blood and goo everywhere just about sums it up.

The man in wheelchair moves towards the just arriving police and is eventually taken to the hospital, never seeing out of that eye again. I - the only witness who stayed - is taken by police throughout the area to find the man.. he is surrounded and apparantly yelled that the cops would need to draw their guns before they would take him - so they did and they put him down quickly and efficiently. He was taken to the precinct as was I to explain what i saw. The kids were let off with no punishment and it was expected the homeless man would be charged with Assault 2, however when it was found out the screwdriver entered the brain it became Assault 1, and also Attempted Murder for which i was the only witness!

I later would do the lineup which is a story in itself.. and then also the Grand Jury who will decide whether the assistant DA may move forward with the case.. or not. He is a second or third offender so they dont think they will offer him a plea deal but if they do he will be in prison for about 20years. All in all it was a pretty exciting day in a bad way.. although the man in the wheelchair - who is an outstanding volunteer at the local hospital - was an innocent bystander he was attacked and all most likely because of crack. What i would like to know is why do UFC guys or boxers take steroids when smoking crack or PCP could probably let an 8year old child become a killing machine.  

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