Attention Blog Section Advertisers

Please - stop wasting your time.   I know that free advertising is great and all, and I realize the importance of getting your products out there, but it isn't going to work here.

The number one rule to marketing is knowing your market group / subjects.  With a small amount of simple market research, you will find that this website, and especially this blog section, is filled with people who not only do not come here to shop, but are very against even most paid advertisements.

You'll also find that this blog section of Ebaums world, is not extremely active.  Which means two things.  One - your advertisements will not be seen by many. Two - there isn't enough new blogs or other spam that would disguise your blog, or even make it acceptable to the blog viewing members here.

The life expectancy of an advertisement blog is very short.  Most don't last more than 24 hours without being deleted.  This is not only due to Ebaum's rules, it is because members of the blog section here, are very keen on reporting this activity to moderators who do not waste much time deleting unauthorized advertising.

Now, I know you all go through a bit of trouble to advertise here.  You have to at least make an account.  I've seen a few advertisers go as far as to make a group and add pictures.... which tells me that some of these marketers actually believe that what they are selling will appeal to the ebaums audience.  

This is wrong... and it doesn't take very long to figure this out.  There have been multiple blogs by many members expressing hate, and demanding action of the Ebaum's staff, regarding this advertisement problem.   And it is a problem.

Now, I imagine that these advertisers are either owners of small shitty companies, or were hired by someone to get the word out.   If I were your boss... I would fire you for wasting time, and not knowing a damn thing about marketing.   NONE of these advertisements here have appealed to anyone... in fact it's the opposite... and just posting your ad here is asking for negative response. 

While you are sitting there thinking that you are saving money, while being seen by many people... you are not.  You are wasting time... especially here.   Go back to marketing school... or even grade 10 business/media and learn what makes for good advertising.  It will very much help you increase sales, and will thus make for much more productive marketing time management.
Uploaded 11/09/2010
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