Audience Retention

Audience Retention: The length of time an artist is able to keep his audiences attention. This is especially valuable over time, even during brief gaps between projects. If an artist or director can build a steady flow of dedicated viewers, it can grow steadily over time. I like to think of it as building a foundation on. You start with a solid base (a fan base, if you will) and build layer upon layer on top of that, steadily growing larger.
                Looking at my Crook Takes Pawn storyline, I believe I am starting to improve my audience retention. As I glance at my story, which unfolds in a blog bit by bit, I notice that at least the same number of viewers continue onto the next portion of the blog. In other words, it seems I have about 50 people reading the story all the way through. The first part gets the most views first, and currently stands at 166. But every entry after that has at least 50 views. It seems my audience retention right now is focused on about 50 people. (isnt math fun?) I think this is a wonderful thing happening here. You have your Neilson ratings, but I think its much harder to retain an audience that must READInstead of sitting in front of a glowing box with stupid actors, youre taking your valuable time to plunk down and read what I have to write. I appreciate that, guys and galsmuch respect
                Eventually, when this book is finished, I plan to post the entire thing as a PDF download online. Of course, Ill have to figure out first how the hell to do that, but it shouldnt be too much of a problem.
I learn as I go, making it up as I go along. So bear with me at any bumps on the road to this tales conclusion. Im earning my stripes as a writer here. This is probably my strongest formal attempt to be an author. I think I have some touching up to do, but its more a matter of adding more detail, and fleshing out ideas in a revised draft.

Thanks for reading eBaumers, the end of the story is in sight. Were about halfway through. Stay tuned to see how it ends



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